Uniqueness of Mamalee Kimchi

Mamalee kimchi is proud to use only the highest quality ingredients .

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All the cabbages, other vegetables and seafood used in seasoning are from Korea.

Mamalee Kimchi uses a variety of Jeotgal (seafood preserves sauce), all carefully pickled ourselves.
Of course, Jeotgal is generally in other kimchi as well. However, due to the need for mass production and storing at the right level of temperature coupled with the strong fishy smell, it is very difficult and expensive to make your own Jeotgal. That's why most producers and even families choose to use mass-produced jeotgal available in the market .

Despite the difficult procedure, Mamalee Kimchi uses our own Jeotgal using our very own bay salt aged for a minimum of 5 years.
Jeotgal is then aged for a minimum period of one year, before being mixed into the kimchi seasoning.

The unmistakable aroma of the sea is a distinct and proud feature of Mamalee kimchi.
Anyone experienced with making kimchi will know that it is not the main ingredient such as Napa cabbage or radish that is the most important in making kimchi, but the seasoning.

Each family may have its own seasoning recipe, but it is challenging and requires significant time and effort to make the perfect seasoning. It is also quite costly.

So anyone experienced with making kimchi will understand the value of that seasoning ,and will try not to waste any sauce left behind. They will make another dish by mixing leftover seasoning with rice or noodles.
Mamalee kimchi uses a generous amount of seasoning. It is rare to find kimchi with so much seasoning in the market. Kimchi aged with generous amount of rich seasoning gives deeper and richer flavour.