The Secrets to the Taste of Mamalee Kimchi

There are some secrets to Mamalee signature flavour.

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First, we only use seasonal vegetables and red chilli pepper power from Korea.
Second, we use Mamalee special sauce.

The sauce is made from a mixture of dried kelp, shiitake mushrooms,whole fugu, dried red peppers , jujubes, shrimp and anchovies.

The above ingredients are simmered for many long hours countless hours and the broth is used as the Mamalee's special stock base sauce that adds volumes and savoriness to the kimchi.

Third, we make our own jeotgal.

Korea is geographically a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides.
In coastal regions, seasonal seafood such as anchovies, hairtail , and shrimp salted are preserved and pickled for several years,to create Jeotgal (seafood sauce) and then used for kimchi seasoning.

This generous amount of jeotgal creates an incredibly bold and piquant flavor that will have you coming back for more.

Fourth, our salt is different from any other salt sold in the market.

Bigumdo is a beautiful little island off the southern coast of Jeolla province. It is distant from any urban areas, and is surrounded by turquoise blue waters, and is well known for its bay salt produced using an old traditional method.

Our salt is sourced from Bigeumdo, particularly the highest,quality bay salt produced during July and August. It is then aged for 5 additional years and extract bittern,before it is used as an ingredient for jeotgal.

Extracting bittern from bay salt results in a purer, ambrosial salt.

Bay salts aged over 3 years with bittern extraction are typically considered the highest quality.
Mamalee kimchi exclusively uses bay salts from Bigeundo approximately aged for 5 years with bittern extraction in producing our jeotgal.

Once made , the jeotgal are set to age for a minimum period of a year before being used as an ingredient .
Once the kimchi is seasoned , it is kept for a minimum of 20 days to age in a cold refrigerator with temperatures between 0-5 degrees Celsius.

Each process is essential to attaining the rich savoriness pursued by Mamalee.

Great kimchi requires care and time.