Mamalee Belief

True to our values

We pay greatest attention to every single detail.
We (think one step further than others and) prepare our kimchi with dedication and devotion.
Mamalee Kimchi is made using only the best ingredients from Korea.
Free of any artificial chemicals or preservatives, we ferment our Jeotgal (seafood preserved sauce) using our own bay salts which has been aged for a minimum 5 years. This is the secret to our rich and deep flavoured recipe.

How well do you know kimchi? Have you tried many different types of kimchi?
Kimchi is regarded as the ultimate Korean dish, however its taste differs from region to region. Also, each family can have its own unique recipe.

There is kimchi that has flavour as light as a salad dressing to kimchi that has a deep and profound taste.
However, all delicious kimchi have the following factors in common:
- Good ingredients
- Top-quality seasoning
- Attention to each and every step of the making procedure
- Fermentation period needed for each different kinds of kimchi

Kimchi with all the above criteria requires much more time and effort but will result in the most delicious kimchi that you have ever tasted.