Features of Mamalee Kimchi

It is hard not to ask for more when Mamalee kimchi is on the table.

Not much can be added to such a rich combination of ingredients, aging processes, and generation -spanning recipes embodied in one breathtakingly savory crunch.

You may enjoy a satisfactory taste of kimchi in addition to a freshly steamed bowl of rice or a packet of ramen.

Mamalee kimchi pairs well with a variety of food, even after keeping it for a long time when the taste of kimchi turns sour with a distinct tang. This kind of sour kimchi is called shinkimchi.

Shinkimchi is a great for cooking Its adds more savoury taste to dishes such as baby back ribs, braised pork, fried rice, tofu, savory pancakes, and even its own stew, the kimchi-jjigae.

It is so versatile that you may even use stir-fried kimchi with a dash of olive oil, add tuna, and serve with pasta noodles.

The deep and rich savoriness of Mamalee Kimchi will redefine all your favorite dishes into something even better.